Friday, October 14, 2011

FREEBIES - Printable Stationary

So I was searching the web for some cute stationary to buy for my penpal swaps over on Swap-Bot and I realized that there is a significant shortage of cute stationary out there for those of us trying to keep snail mail alive. It's understandable as most people use email rather then sending of a letter through the post. But you know what was a total surprise?? I was talking to my boyfriend about "stationary" and "writing paper" and he looked at me blankly....he had no clue what stationary was!  Is letter writing the old fashioned way really such a dying art? I mean what can be better then sifting through a pile of junk mail and finding a hand written letter from someone across the world? It brings me such joy. It's the reason I do swaps and have penpals... because I want to look forward to something in my mailbox that I did not have to buy, or order, or pay for.

Anyway I will be making some printable stationary for those of you who want to embark on a snail mail exchange. It will be free...I just ask that you please leave me a comment saying hello, or better yet, if you are feeling ambitious.... I would love a snail mail postcard!!

Here are some printables I've created. One is a vintage style greek goddess, one a Breast Cancer Warrior, and the last is an edgy black and pink cupcake.  If you click on the image it will open the PNG format of the stationary where you right click to save, or you can click on the link which will take you to the Flicker version which is a JPEG file.  I personally think the PNG prints out sharper, but not everyone's computer is PNG compatible.

I hope you like them!



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