Sunday, October 23, 2011

Re-purposed Baby Formula Can & Art Journal Page

     My new baby boy goes through cans of baby formula like crazy. He is allergic to cow protein and has to use this special corn based vegan formula that is $25 a can! Yeah crazy. It's the bulk of our food budget right now. But it's worth every penny for him to be healthy and happy.
     So as a result I am left with empty bans, lots of empty cans. I am already using them to hold art supplies, but I ended up tossing most of them, which I don't like because I know there is a way I can recycle these.
     Yesterday I took a can and decided to decorate it with some nice scrapbooking paper. I used my Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springrime paper and made myself a pen holder for my bedroom. I loved how it came out. So now I think I will make one for my swap partner on Swap-Bot in colors she likes. I want to start making more of these and send them to my penpals and swap partners as extras. Thet are great for pen-holders, make up brushes, art supplies, etc. I want to find homes for these extra cans, and not throw them away anymore.
     It feels so good to re-purpose something. It feels right. :)

Here is a page in my art journal. I have been making time every day to work in it and it has been keeping me centered and not too freaked out about my operation in THREE DAYS!  *gasp* This entry is about love, about all the things I am grateful for in my current relationship with my fiancee. We forget all the little things people do sometimes, and I wanted to make a tribute to all those little things. I've been very into the pink/orange color combo lately, it's so bright and cheery.


  1. Great idea! I, too, throw out a lot of formula cans when I just KNOW something great could be made of them! I'll save the next one (she'll finish it up tomorrow!) and see what I can create!

    Sarah (lostinavalon) from SwapBot
    visiting you for the Blog Comment Lovers Swap

  2. this is a great idea! my son also goes through baby formula like crazy. i don't actually know where our empty cans goes though. i shall ask later when i go home.

    sweetcandylove from swap-bot
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