Sunday, September 18, 2011

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My first blog post on my new blog! How intimidating. I have so much I plan to share with the world. Things like my art journaling pages, art workshops I'm doing/plan to do, etc. Papermaking, mail art, cooking, writing, playing, creating, smiling, laughing and just spreading my bliss into the world.

Today I am going to post a couple pictures from an online workshop I have been doing called Soul Restoration. I decided to do the workshop because my life was starting to get crazy like life tends to get when you forget things like how important creativity and imagination is to a healthy well-being. Soul Restoration has helped me break through my creative blocks, reconnect with my joyful self, and is the reason I am starting this blog.

This is the cover of my Soul Restoration book. I made it with spackle to get a nice texture all over the cover, then I stenciled a flower and painted it pink and purple. On the title tag I added a metal frame I found at Michaels and I used dimensional gel to make it shiny. 

This is my house page. I had so much fun creating this spread. I made all the paper myself using spackle to get a stucco feel like a real house would have, and fibers mixed with stucco for the roof pieces. To create the texture of the grassy areas I used Golden Heavy Body Medium. The only thing it still needs is a couple of flowers planted in front of the house.

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