Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today is a Happy Day

Yup, it sure is. Today is a happy day. I spent the day hanging out with my new baby boy who is 5 months old, doing art stuff, and altering an old journal.

I found this old leather bound journal today. I think I got it as a gift ten or so years ago. The pages are nice and thick like a Moleskin book, so I knew I had to alter it so I could use it as an art journal. I removed a few leafs of paper from the center of each signature (you can see the space in each signature in the photo above). This gives me room for my pages as they thicken the book up with the mixed media, paints, and papers I use for my art journal collages. I'm excited to start. I think I may use this for a "Me and My Shadow" project where each page shows my positive attributes and their negative counterparts. I think it is important to love the bad bits of your personality in order to be balanced and whole. Also, who the heck wants to be perfect 100% of the time?!?  Not me. No way.

Above is a journal page I finished up last night. This birdie is stamped on a pocket which contains all the choices I have to make in the immediate future. I am at a crossroads in my life right now where I have opportunities and choices about my work, my family, and my health... so all of this is sitting quietly in the pocket, instead of in my head.

And this is what I have started on today.  These are my favorite colors. I used chalk pastels and clear gesso for the background. I still have a lot to do on this page. I plan to do journaling in the flowers, stamping, some glittery bits, and whatever else my muse can think of adding to the page.

I hope everyone had a lovely day today!

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