Friday, September 23, 2011

More "Soul Restoration" and other art stuffs

Soul Restoration Week 3
Soul Restoration Week 3

I'm behind on posting my photos of the book I am putting together for my Soul Restoration class over at the Brave Girls Club.

On this first page I created a little pocket to put some of the promise notes that I could not fit on the main page. It feels more intimate this way.

I am enjoying this online workshop. I have been feeling a lot of inner peace and outer calm.  I feel happy most of the time, where before I would worry about every little thing. Now I try to enjoy the moment and let the trivial things that used to bother me just roll off.

I will be starting Soul Restoration 2 next week, so I need to get the rest on my photos of the books and artwork from Soul Restoration 1 on here!

My life is about to undergo some major changes, good changes, life changing changes... and doing an online art workshop that help me listen to my inner voice and find peace has helped me with all this transition.  <3

Guess what I did today?!?  I made some handmade paper! Oh does it glitter! So much sparkle. You can't really see it in the photo, but it is dazzling!  I received my new paper making kit from PAPERALICE today (my old kit broke).  Its so fulfilling to pulverize junk mail and end up with lovely sparkle laden recycled  paper.

I made some light pink sparkly paper for an ATC swap. The theme is Breast Cancer Awareness. So the pink paper will be used for those. The blue paper is for mail art I will be sending off to a friend.

So today was a fun day with lots of creativity. I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay home  and care for my newborn baby boy, and for the snippets of time he gives me where I can be creative.

I hope you all took time for yourselves today. Time to be creative. Even if it is just five minutes to do a little doodle... the toilet is a good place if you need a couple minutes to doodle. Keep a little notepad and pen in the bathroom... or just a pen and write creative thoughts on your toilet paper.

Have a wonderful weekend. Have Fun. Laugh. Live your Amazing Life!

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