Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art Journal Pages & NanoWriMo Update

I'm fighting through my NanoWriMo Novel. Last night I had a breakdown and wrote a whole page yelling at my main character who I am so frustrated with. He is a lazy, self absorbed, unmotivated, male chauvinist! How on earth did I come up with such a character? And I've spend 25,000 words with him so far. So yesterday I went off on him. I told him he needs to get of his butt and do something, he needs to stop being so passive and make a few decisions on his own. After I got it off my chest he seemed to have listened as he decided to go explore the territory a bit.

The NaNoWriMo is taking up a lot of my writing time, but I'm still trying to get some penpal letters out and do some work in my art journal. Yesterday I finished my Wishes page from 11*11*11 and I really like how it came out.  I love the bright colors. It's so positive and uplifting. I hope my wises come true.  :)


  1. my gosh! i love your art journal! i love how colourful & bright the pages are. what medium did you use for this? i am actually trying to start one and is completely lost since i am not very artistic. :/

    - sweetcandylove from swap-bot -

  2. Hey there! Glad you like it. :) For the background I mix clear gesso and acrylic paint, it makes it a matte glaze so that the colors are transparent. The gesso gives it a sandy feel that I really like.

    You don't have to be artistic to start an art journal, there are no rules. Just start playing with crayons, paint, markers, anything really. Plus there are a lot of tutorials on you tube that will give you a starting point, but remember its about having fun and being creative. :)

    Good luck!

  3. Oh my goodness loved your art page! That is so awesome. I am not artist but did about 20 pages for a swap and enjoyed it! Your very creative.

    kraftykj swap bot love comment blog 4

  4. Pretty art journals. I tried NanoWriMo last year but didn't succeed. I ran out of time. Good luck to you. Anna - swapbot (mynursecoach)

  5. Ooh yes! I love the bright colors!!!

    Your main character sounds like my ex... The only difference is that yours has hope? haha jk

  6. hiya I am glendas from swapbot and for some reason I cant use the google,dont know what is going on with it but I am here. loving your blog.thank you love Glendas.