Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mail Art and Art Journal Pages

outgoing mail art
Here's some recent mail art I did for a pen-pal swap over on swap-bot.
The owl envelope is handmade paper I made myself out of some recycled junk mail and rose petals from the roses my father brought me after my surgery. I love how the rose petals tinted the envelope.

orange headed lady

The orange headed lady was my attempt at some of the funky teesha moore style collage with bright colors that I love. I've been using a lot of pinks and purples and oranges in my art lately and I am really enjoying it.

The last photo is my first attempt at "Fearless Painting" from Dirty Footprints Studio. The goal is to paint BIG, on large paper while standing up. I normally do a lot of my art standing up anyway but there really is something magical about letting go of your mind and painting 100% intuitively. I had no idea what this would even look like until I stepped away from the canvas. I love the colors and shapes. 
As soon as I'm done with NanoWrimo I plan to do some more fearless paintings!
fearless painting

Finally here are some art journal pages. I really need to post more of these as I work in my art journal daily. That will be one of my New Year Resolutions, to post my art journal pages weekly.

*note to self - New Year Resolution - Make a You Tube video of my art journal.


  1. Wow, you are very artistic! And an art journal sounds so fun. Too bad I have no artistic talent whatsoever!

    Annabell123 from swap-bot

  2. Those are so beautiful! I really love your "fearless" awesome! I've been wanting to try painting...maybe I need to become fearless too! :)

    Sarah (lostinavalon) from SwapBot
    visiting you for the Blog Comment Lovers Swap

  3. Hello! I'm your partner for Blog Comment Lovers. I absolutely love your style! I'm really excited that you're my partner because now I have a new blog to follow. I cannot wait to see more pages! I looked through your blog and you also offer freebies -- so nice to offer goodies for people isn't it? I have started offering more on my blog. Yours are really great. I love the printable stationary! They look great! Thanks for the chat and it was nice to meet you. :)

  4. P.S. Did you paint that girl with the red hearts? SO SWEET!

  5. you are so artistic! i love every single page of your art journal. my fave is the girl with hearts. sooooo pretty! i wish i can be as artistic as you!

    now i am tempted to really start my very own art journal.

    sweetcandylove from swap-bot
    Love Comment Blog ♥ (4)

  6. Yes you need to do utube of your art journal! Love how you just let loose and create wonderful pages. I like all the pages you have done.

    kraftykj swap bot love comment blog 4

  7. Your mail art is awesome! I'm signed up for an art journal for Jan/Feb I think. I don't think mine will be anywhere near as nice, though.

    Adlpated from Swap-Bot